“The city and the citizens are indissolubly linked together. The influence of one wove into the life and evolution of the each other. “   — B.B Dutt.

Pune’s antiquated past lingers on in the underlying layers of the modern city. In the hear of this city the past, the core is with us all over. The narrow alleys have the graceful timber- framed structures, the wada’s.  In stretches of land teeming with people and full of decaying old houses, the city began as a small settlement way back in the past.

A hazy view of Nana Phadnis’s seat.

One of the oldest street in Kasba Peth. The tailors worked and lived here.

This sector was commercial district or market network. The lively street front presents a variety of facades.

The Tonga, one horse carriage, was the most popular form of transport and a source of congestion in the street.

One of the oldest ward/ peth. Earlier known as Shahpura.

Paar (A built platform around the tree). A socially interactive space.

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